Multicultural Center Osaka closed on 31th March 2018.
‘Institute for Human Diversity Japan’ takes over the activities.
Please contact to http://diversityjapan.jp

Multicultural Center Osaka

Our predecessor ‘Foreigners Earthquake Information Center’ was founded shortly after the Great Hanshin Earthquake (17th Jan. 1995), since then we have been offering help and advice to the foreign community mainly around the Kansai area.

Based on the experience we had after the quake, we renamed the organization as the ‘Multicultural Center’ and have continued activities for the realization of a multicultural society that admits and esteems differences such as nationality, language, culture and gender.

Our idea

  1. Realization of the state where basic human rights are guaranteed, regardless of nationality
  2. The empowerment of ethnic and cultural minorities
  3. Social development for mutual cooperation


  1. Support for migrant children by holding ‘Saturday Classes’ and ‘Tabunka Shingaku Juku ( Coaching school for enrollment into Japanese high school)’
  2. Support for migrant families by holding networking events and Japanese classes
  3. Research for migrant residents and promoting awareness to Japanese society by having seminars and providing lecturers.